Tower 1

TOWER 1 is the most visible element of the landmark Thamrin Nine Development. The first ‘SUPER TALL’ Tower to be constructed in Jakarta, propels Indonesia further on to the international stage of Architectural design and iconic landmark development

Layered like a vertical city, 335 metres high, the tower integrates a range of public and private functions. The upper tower features the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Iconic glass boxes and observation decks overlook the city scape of Jakarta and openup magnificent views of the mountains to the South East and the sea to the North West

As an urban ‘beacon’, Thamrin Nine TOWER 1 overlooks Jakarta’s historical landmark i.e Monas and Ancol to the North and the cosmopolitan city development to the South


Thamrin Nine Tower 1 consists primarily of Premium offices with Observatory Decks at high level and also the Luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Aspiring to Greenmark Platinum Certification, we aim to be the first green district in Jakarta. Visitors to Thamrin Nine Tower 1 will also enjoy 3 levels of Glass Box Viewing Galleries and Observation Decks, which will be open to the public, giving visitors unrivalled views and the old city capturing the sea views and the old city to the North, and the cosmopolitan city to the South, seen from 250-325 meters above the ground level.